Entertainment24-Year-Old Nurse Accidentally Films Her Own Drowning During Livestream...

24-Year-Old Nurse Accidentally Films Her Own Drowning During Livestream In Pool

A 24-year-old woman in Canada accidentally livestreamed her own drowning to her Facebook friends.

Hellen Wendy Nyabuto was a Kenyan nurse currently residing and working in the small town of Chatsworth, Ontario, according to the Toronto Star. She hadn’t returned home since 2019, and even served as a frontline worker during the COVID-19 pandemic, so she often connected with her family and friends through social media.

According to The Nation, Hellen’s boyfriend Alphonce Nyamwaya was getting ready for work in the afternoon of August 18. He said his girlfriend video-called him to let him know she would be going to the pool at her private residence to “relax” after a hard day:

“I was preparing myself for the afternoon shift when she gave me a video call. She told me she was headed to the swimming pool to relax after completing her morning shift. She inquired whether I had eaten before we said goodbye to each other.”

Sadly, this would be the last time he would speak to his girlfriend…

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Nyabuto went live on Facebook as she swam and enjoyed her evening. In the video, which has since gone viral, she is seen talking to viewers and engaging with her family and friends through the livestream.

However, a bit into her stream, she dives into the deep end, and something horrifying happens. She can be seen thrashing and struggling to stay afloat. She screams for help, but unfortunately no one is around to hear her. She isn’t able to return to the surface of the water and heartbreakingly drowns.

It took three hours before someone showed up and finally stopped the live video and called police. Hellen was already passed by the time anyone arrived. She was only 24. So, so sad…

Her untimely death has shaken her family to their core. Alfonce explained the late young woman was the “breadwinner” of her family back in Kenya:

“Hellen was the breadwinner back home for her family. She’s been supporting them and it’s left a big gap. We need prayers. We need financial support.”

The nurse’s father, Enock Nyabuto, also created a GoFundMe asking for help to bring his daughter’s body back home as well as cover funeral and burial expenses. He says in his description all donations are “appreciated” during this “extreme circumstance”:

“We are soliciting your generous donation to repatriate her body to Nairobi, Kenya as per the wishes of our family. The cost to repatriate the body is approximately $50,000 and other funeral expenses back home in Kenya. Your generous contributions towards this cause are highly appreciated as we go through this extreme circumstance of losing a loved one.”

If you would like to donate to the family you can find the fundraiser HERE.

Our hearts go out to Hellen’s family and loved ones. It’s truly a heartbreaking situation, we hope they can find peace in this difficult time.


[Image via GoFundMe/YouTube/Citizen TV Kenya]

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