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JD Vance Tried To Save His Failing Senate Campaign On Fox News And It Did Not Go Well – PoliticusUSA

Fox News tried to come to the rescue of JD Vance and his struggling Senate campaign, but the interview highlighted Vance’s disinterest in Ohio.

Video clip of Vance:

JD Vance was asked about the southern border impacts Ohio on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures and this was his answer:

Well, it’s hugely negative, Maria. This is one of the things that really bothers me about Tim Ryan. He says he stands for the working man, but what about millions of illegal migrants coming across the border and competing for jobs? What about the fact that Ohio is the third leading state when it comes to opioid overdose deaths? 

These guys say that we’ve got to show compassion for illegal migrants, and of course, we do, but let’s show compassion for our own citizens. Let’s secure the border. Joe Biden and Tim Ryan have basically turned the U.S. Southern border into the drug and sex trafficking capital of the world. We have got to shut this down. And, Maria, I think Republicans have got to be more aggressive.

JD Vance Doesn’t Seem To Know Much About Ohio

What does the Southern border have to do with Ohio? Not much. Vance’s interview was dedicated to attacking his opponent Rep. Tim Ryan and using the same national Republican talking points that have been failing GOP candidates around the country.

It stood out that Vance didn’t talk about what he would do to address the important issues in Ohio. There was no talk about jobs, inflation, the economy, or healthcare costs. The gas prices issue was big in Ohio early in the summer, but the decline in prices has caused the issue to fade.

JD Vance didn’t seem to know much about Ohio, which is a problem for a person who is running to be a senator from Ohio.

Vance, like Oz in Pennsylvania, appears to be a Trump-chosen nominee who is trying to run and win on national talking points, but it is apparent why voters haven’t warmed up to him.

Fox  News tried to save JD Vance, but the interview only highlighted that the Republican nominee doesn’t have much to offer Ohio.


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