PoliticsDisaster For Trump As Appeals Court Rules His Own...

Disaster For Trump As Appeals Court Rules His Own Lawyer Must Testify Against Him

A federal appeals court has ruled that Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran must testify against the former president in the classified documents case.

Video from CNN:

CNN reported:

It appears that trump attorney Evan Corcoran must testify against his client, Donald Trump in the ongoing investigation into classified documents at Mar-a- Lago. This is a very big decision coming down from, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals this afternoon just a few days after a trial level two level judge did say that Corcoran would have to testify to the grand jury to speak about his interactions with Trump directly and also turn over documents he had of notes that he had.

It does say that a three-judge panel all three judges together are denying requests for Donald Trump’s team and Evan Corcoran to put a stay on the case. So that’s putting a pause on the case. That means that the subpoena of the Justice Department, the special counsel’s office is valid is going forward and time is really running out for Donald Trump and Evan Corcoran as they have been trying to keep the grand jury off of them as they’ve tried to avoid answering these questions.

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CBS News’s Robert Costa added:

Corcoran is scheduled to testify on Friday:

Trump’s only course of action now would be an appeal to the Supreme Court, which the former president would have to hope would issue a stay and hear the case. However, the Supreme Court has never been a very friendly and successful venue for Trump. The odds of SCOTUS taking the case are not good.

It appears that Trump either used his lawyer in the commission of a crime or he intentionally lied to his lawyer in the commission of a crime.

The ruling is a disaster for Trump as his legal problems are becoming vast and dire.

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