Real EstatePennsylvania Home Inspection Guide for Homebuyers

Pennsylvania Home Inspection Guide for Homebuyers

The Keystone State boasts an array of architectural styles, reflecting its rich historical tapestry, from colonial heritage to contemporary design. In such a diverse setting, the home inspection offers a unique perspective into the essence of a potential new home, uncovering both its inherent charm and potential challenges. Conversely, sellers can leverage this process to transparently highlight their property’s worth and proactively address any concerns.

So, whether you’re starting your journey buying a home in Philadelphia or preparing to sell a house in Pittsburgh, this Redfin article provides comprehensive guidance on navigating the home inspection process in Pennsylvania with valuable insights from local home inspectors. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll confidently navigate the Pennsylvania real estate market.

Suburban neighborhood in Pennsylvania

Why should you get a home inspection in Pennsylvania?

“The houses in Pennsylvania, half of which were built before 1959, can certainly give a neighborhood character, but can also cause a multitude of problems for the occupants,”  mentions Wolfe Home Inspections LLC. “Some of the old homes are filled with health hazards such as asbestos, lead paint, radon, and outdated wiring. Our picturesque rolling hills can also lead to moisture issues and foundation problems. It’s imperative that home buyers hire themselves a highly qualified home inspector to thoroughly evaluate the property for these potential issues.”

Are there any specialized inspections that Pennsylvania buyers should consider?

“Buyers should consider getting specialized inspections when necessary,” says Win Home Office. “Many buyers opt for a standard home inspection but specialized inspections, such as Mold Testing, Infrared Scanning, Radon Testing, Sewer Scope Inspections, and Fireplace and Chimney Inspections can help ensure that buyers are not only making a sound investment, but also prioritizing their future health and safety in that home.”

How much does a home inspection cost in Pennsylvania?

“The cost of a home inspection in Pennsylvania can vary based on factors such as location and the size of the property, but it generally ranges from $300 to $500,” notes Briton Inspection Services Pittsburgh.

Expert advice for Pennsylvania buyers before they get a home inspection

“Home buyers are smart to have a home inspection prior to purchasing the home as a second set of trained eyes can provide extra value in the form of a documented report on the property,” advises Kirschner Home Inspections, LLC. “A home inspection report documents the current condition at the time of the inspection and highlights any potential deficiencies. If major deficiencies are identified, the buyer may utilize the information in making a final decision on the purchase of the home or possibly negotiating a better offer.”

Ask your agent to point out possible problems

“Ask your agent during your initial or subsequent house showings if they see any possible home inspection issues,” shares The Home Pros. “Agents will regularly solicit important information from their trusted home inspectors before the offer. This can eliminate surprises during the actual inspection.”  

Attend the home inspection

“I highly encourage attending your home inspection,” insists Heritage Home Inspectors. “This gives you the ability to become very comfortable and familiar with your new purchase and allows you to ask the inspector any questions while onsite together. Gaining a strong understanding of your future home is an excellent way to start your home ownership.”

Hire a certified home inspector

“Pennsylvania does not have a state level license for Home Inspectors, though many of us carry state credentials for additional services, like radon testing, mold sampling, and wood destroying insect inspections,” says The Watson Team. “Because of this, it is important to make sure that the home inspector you are hiring is fully certified by a national association like ASHI and/or interNACHI.”

Pennsylvania home inspection: the bottom line

In the realm of Pennsylvania real estate, where history merges with contemporary living and unique environmental factors come into play, home inspections hold immense importance. Whether scrutinizing over buying historic homes or brand-new constructions, the pivotal factor is better understanding what’s going on inside the home beyond its exterior. For both buyers and sellers in the Keystone State, a thorough home inspection is not merely recommended—it’s imperative. It guarantees well-informed choices, transparency, and the smooth execution of property transactions.

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