Home Politics Eric Swalwell Exposes The Cowardice Of Jim Jordan

Eric Swalwell Exposes The Cowardice Of Jim Jordan

Eric Swalwell Exposes The Cowardice Of Jim Jordan

On Saturday, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) described House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) when he started talking about Jordan’s 1/6 subpoena.

Rep. Swalwell explained to CNN’s Jim Acosta why he called out Jordan during a recent hearing:

The American people want the Department of Justice to work for them, and to hear Jim Jordan make these baseless attacks on Merrick Garland, I thought folks should know that Jordan has no credibility. Funny enough, soon as I started speaking he starting running away as if I had a congressional subpoena in my hand.

You have to discredit MAGA Republicans every time they try and land any of their points, because these are pro-insurrectionists. They rooted for the insurrection, part of inciting it, acquitted it, voting on impeachment, and giving comfort and going to visit the January 6th defendants. They don’t have credibility. Then we have to pivot to debunking any of the false claims put forward and let the American people know if we were given the keys again to govern in Congress that we’ll focus and deliver on what they want. So discredit, defend and deliver. Three Ds is the best way to deal with these guys.


Rep. Swalwell was correct. Jim Jordan has less than zero credibility and he should be called out at every single hearing that he holds. The Jordan chaired hearing are full of hypocrisy because they are being led by a congressman who claims that the government has been weaponized as he avoided a subpoena to discuss his role in potentially helping Trump attempt to overthrow the government.

Democrats aren’t letting the nation forget about the role of House Republicans like Jim Jordan in the 1/6 attack.

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