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Rogue One And The Creator Director Gareth Edwards Tapped For New Jurassic World

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Edwards’ name was on a very short list of directors that Universal was looking at once Leitch decided he (understandably) didn’t want to take on a gig that called more for a “shooter” type of director, with the script already well on its way and the release date set in stone (or perhaps I should say preserved in amber?). There’s very good reason for that, of course: not only does Edwards have considerable experience in making genre films which either balance visual effects and thrills (“Rogue One,” “The Creator,”) or deal with creatures that explicitly recall those seen in the “Jurassic” movies (“Monsters” and “Godzilla”), but he has a reputation for being able to execute gorgeously rendered visual effects shots and sequences on a fairly small budget. Despite its own critical reception being mixed, “The Creator” was generally praised for its visuals, and that movie only cost $80 million to make.

Edwards also has a good track record with franchises, as “Rogue One” not only proved that spin-off “Star Wars” installments could work, but the sequel series “Andor” has been incredibly well-received, and the “MonsterVerse” films begun with his “Godzilla” is still going strong with the release of “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” next month. One only needs to revisit his “Godzilla” to see just how much Edwards’ artistic sensibilities line up with the best of the “Jurassic” movies — his sense of scale and his understanding of the way fantasy creatures move and interact make the prospect of his take on the T-Rex, the Velociraptors and the rest of the dinos incredibly enticing.

While Trevorrow’s take on “Jurassic World” could be reappraised in the future for what it was, it feels like Edwards’ involvement, combined with Koepp’s, signals an interest in the franchise for going back to basics, at least in its tone and aesthetic if not its plot. Just what that plot is, what characters (if any) might return, what dinosaurs may be featured and the rest is still a mystery. For better or worse, however, we know exactly how long we have until we find out: see you in July of 2025, when the “Jurassic World” turns again.

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