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Largest Cities in West Virginia: A Homebuyer’s Guide for 2024

In the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia offers its residents a unique and uplifting experience. The state is rich in history and natural beauty, from the charming city of Charleston to the vibrant community of Martinsburg. With its rolling hills, scenic landscapes, and welcoming communities, the state offers a serene and laid-back lifestyle. From the tranquil countryside to the warm hospitality of its towns, this Redfin article will serve as your guide to the biggest cities in West Virginia, providing insights into the diverse and inviting living experiences the state has to offer.

Charleston, the biggest city in West Virginia

1. Charleston, West Virginia

Population: 48,864
Charleston, WV houses for rent

Charleston is the biggest city in West Virginia that offers residents a unique blend of historical charm and modern conveniences. The city’s Capitol Street, lined with boutique shops and local eateries, creates a vibrant downtown atmosphere where residents can enjoy a stroll and embrace the community spirit.

2. Huntington, West Virginia

Population: 46,842
Huntington, WV houses for rent

Nestled along the scenic banks of the Ohio River, Huntington presents a warm atmosphere. The historic Pullman Square, a bustling center for shopping, dining, and entertainment, reflects the city’s heritage. With its proximity to Marshall University and various outdoor recreational opportunities, such as Ritter Park, Huntington offers residents a diverse and engaging lifestyle, blending academic vibrancy with natural beauty.

3. Morgantown, West Virginia

Population: 30,347
Morgantown, WV houses for rent

Morgantown is a vibrant university town, home to West Virginia University. The city boasts a lively downtown scene on High Street, featuring a variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural venues like the WVU Arts & Entertainment series. With its spirited college-town ambiance, scenic rail trails like the Caperton Trail, and panoramic views from Coopers Rock State Forest, Morgantown provides residents with a great place to live.

4. Parkersburg, West Virginia

Population: 29,738
Parkersburg, WV houses for rent

Parkersburg exudes a distinct charm with its historic architecture and riverfront parks. The city’s blend of Victorian-era homes and modern amenities creates a unique atmosphere for residents. With attractions like Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park and diverse recreational opportunities along the river, Parkersburg offers a tranquil yet engaging lifestyle.

5. Wheeling, West Virginia

Population: 27,052
Wheeling, WV houses for rent

Perched along the Ohio River in northern West Virginia, Wheeling is rich in history and cultural heritage. The Victorian-era architecture along historic National Road adds character to the downtown area, complemented by attractions like the Capitol Theatre and the Wheeling Artisan Center.

6. Weirton, West Virginia

Population: 19,163
Weirton, WV houses for rent

Weirton embodies a close-knit community with a strong industrial heritage. The city’s steel industry roots are evident in landmarks like the Weirton Steel Corporation, contributing to a sense of pride and resilience. With scenic riverfront views, local parks like Weirton Municipal Plaza, and various community events, Weirton offers residents a tight community bond.

7. Martinsburg, West Virginia

Population: 18,777
Median Sale Price: $279,250
Martinsburg, WV homes for sale
Martinsburg, WV houses for rent

In the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, Martinsburg showcases a blend of historic charm and modern suburban living. The city’s downtown, with its historic architecture and local boutiques, radiates a quaint appeal. Residents enjoy the natural beauty of nearby parks like War Memorial Park and the convenience of the MARC commuter rail for easy access to nearby metropolitan areas.

8. Fairmont, West Virginia

Population: 18,416
Fairmont, WV houses for rent

Nestled in the scenic hills of North Central West Virginia, Fairmont combines a rich industrial history with a modern, community-oriented atmosphere. With the picturesque Prickett’s Fort State Park, the Marion County Historical Society, and a range of community events, Fairmont offers residents a harmonious blend of heritage appreciation and outdoor recreation.

9. Beckley, West Virginia

Population: 17,286
Beckley, WV houses for rent

Within the Appalachian Mountains, Beckley offers residents a charming mix of small-town warmth and scenic beauty. The city’s historic downtown, unique shops, and local eateries foster community and connection. With access to outdoor recreation in places like the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine and the beautiful Grandview State Park, Beckley provides residents with a tranquil yet engaging lifestyle.

10. Clarksburg, West Virginia

Population: 16,061
Clarksburg, WV houses for rent

In the hills of North-Central West Virginia, Clarksburg exudes a sense of quiet charm and historic significance. The city’s downtown area, with its well-preserved architecture and local businesses, reflects a blend of tradition and community resilience. With attractions like the Clarksburg Amphitheater and the Veterans Memorial Park, Clarksburg provides residents with a touch of recreational opportunities.



Methodology: The population data was retrieved from the United States Census Bureau for 2021, while the median sale price data was sourced from the Redfin Data Center in January 2024.

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