PoliticsPodcast: Partisan Border Wars

Podcast: Partisan Border Wars

In this week’s The Reason Roundtable, editors Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, and Peter Suderman scrutinize President Joe Biden’s executive order updating asylum restrictions at the U.S.-Mexico border in response to illegal border crossings.

01:32—Biden’s new asylum restrictions

21:38—The prosecution of political opponents: former President Donald Trump, Hunter Biden, and Steve Bannon

33:25—Weekly Listener Question

39:56—No one is reading The Washington Post

48:09—This week’s cultural recommendations

Mentioned in this podcast:

Biden Announces Sweeping Asylum Restrictions at U.S.-Mexico Border” by Fiona Harrigan

Biden’s New Asylum Policy is Both Harmful and Illegal” by Ilya Somin

Travel Ban, Redux” by Josh Blackman

Immigration Fueled America’s Stunning Cricket Upset Over Pakistan” by Eric Boehm

Libertarian Candidate Chase Oliver Wants To Bring Back ‘Ellis Island Style’ Immigration Processing” by Fiona Harrigan

Donald Trump and Hunter Biden Face the Illogical Consequences of an Arbitrary Gun Law” by Jacob Sullum

Hunter Biden’s Trial Highlights a Widely Flouted, Haphazardly Enforced, and Constitutionally Dubious Gun Law” by Jacob Sullum

Hunter Biden’s Multiplying Charges Exemplify a Profound Threat to Trial by Jury” by Jacob Sullum

The Conviction Effect” by Liz Wolfe

Laurence Tribe Bizarrely Claims Trump Won the 2016 Election by Falsifying Business Records in 2017” by Jacob Sullum

A Jumble of Legal Theories Failed To Give Trump ‘Fair Notice’ of the New York Charges Against Him” by Jacob Sullum

Does Donald Trump’s Conviction in New York Make Us Banana Republicans?” by J.D. Tuccille

The Myth of the Federal Private Nondelegation Doctrine, Part 1” by Sasha Volokh

Federal Court Condemns Congress for Giving Unconstitutional Regulatory Powers to Amtrak” by Damon Root

Make Amtrak Safer and Privatize It” by Ira Stoll

Biden Threatens To Veto GOP Spending Bill That Would ‘Cut’ Amtrak Funding to Double Pre-Pandemic Levels” by Christian Britschgi

This Company Is Running a High-Speed Train in Florida—Without Subsidies” by Natalie Dowzicky

Do Not Under Any Circumstances Nationalize Greyhound” by Christian Britschgi

With Ride or Die, the Bad Boys Movies Become Referendums on Masculinity” by Peter Suderman

D.C. Water Spent Nearly $4,000 On Its Wendy the Water Drop Mascot” by Christian Britschgi

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Audio production by Justin Zuckerman and John Carter

Assistant production by Luke Allen and Hunt Beaty

Music: “Angeline” by The Brothers Steve

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