TechnologyApple Music and the iOS App Store are having...

Apple Music and the iOS App Store are having problems

If you’re an Apple user, then you might be seeing some problems in the App Store or with Apple Music. Apple’s system status page lists issues affecting “all users” for both services noticed since 11:41AM ET without going into detail about what the problems are. In our tests, the App Store and Apple Music are both generally operational, but users have noticed problems for a few hours.

Posters on Reddit have seen problems with Apple Music missing lyric information, Dolby Atmos, and lossless audio from songs where it should have those features, while some report they’re unable to play music even if it’s downloaded to their local storage for offline listening. Some users said logging in and logging out fixed the missing lossless audio features for them but not the missing lyrics. We were able to confirm the issue with lyrics as shown below.

Apple Music lyrics failing to load for Taylor Swift’s album Lover

Apple Music lyrics failing to load.
Image: Mitchell Clark / Apple

9to5Mac reported earlier that Apple’s Privacy Labels aren’t appearing on many App Store listings and cited a source confirming it was a bug that would be fixed soon. There’s no official word on solutions or workarounds — or ETA for when the problems may be resolved.

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