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Shanna Moakler Shares Cryptic Post About ‘Communal’ D**K After Matthew Rondeau Split!!!

Shanna Moakler is getting cryptic with her apparent criticism of ex-boyfriend Matthew Rondeau!

The duo’s downfall has been dramatic — to say the very least — for months now. Of course, those recent issues include serious allegations of domestic violence in the tumultuous relationship. There was even a (brief) report that Shanna was pregnant, though that possibility was later firmly debunked.

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Now, the model is speaking out on Instagram, and her commentary is both cryptic and attention-getting! On Wednesday night, the 47-year-old took to her IG Stories to reveal a guarded message about “communal d**k.” She didn’t mention Rondeau by name, or anything, but the clear subtext of the message would seem to be a pretty cut-and-dry cheating allegation?!

Posting to her account, the former Miss USA runner-up shared a pink GIF that flashed a two-word alert as to her apparent state of mind at the time:

“Today’s Mantra…”

And below that, she really delivered the goods. Calling out an unnamed alleged cheater, Moakler offered advice to others about moving on from infidelity:

“Communal d**k is not worth an emotional reaction. Stop stressing over a guy who can’t be yours because he wants to be with everyone.”

Here is a screenshot of the full thing:

Shanna Moakler Shares Cryptic Post About 'Communal' WHAT After Matthew Rondeau Split?!
Shanna sure is shading somebody! / (c) Shanna Moakler/Instagram

Well then!

Could the 29-year-old have been unfaithful to her while they were together?! And she’s only just now finding out about the alleged activity? Or perhaps she just felt the need to share randomly for… reasons??

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As Perezcious readers will recall, in addition to Shanna and Matthew’s contentious (now-former) connection, the former Playboy model has apparently been feeling some type of way about her ex-husband, Travis Barker.

In late April, we reported about how the Rhode Island native allegedly still has feelings for the Blink-182 drummer, with an insider revealing at the time:

“Shanna is still in love with Travis. She keeps saying she isn’t but her friends know she is still in love with him because she talks about him incessantly. They keep telling her to stay out of Kourtney and Travis’ business and not to create any drama but she rarely listens.”

That source continued from there, bringing Travis’ chemistry with Kourtney Kardashian into the picture:

“Every time any news breaks about Kourtney and Travis she gets infuriated — because of her feelings for him. She also hates that her kids spend so much time with the Kardashians and that they enjoy it so much.”

So whomever Shanna’s most recent IG Stories message may be about, we are pretty sure Travis is not the “communal d**k” she’s addressing! LOLz!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take on Shanna’s shady sharing down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Shanna Moakler/Matthew Rondeau/Instagram]

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