PoliticsSpeaker Pelosi Puts Kevin McCarthy In His Place After...

Speaker Pelosi Puts Kevin McCarthy In His Place After 1/6 Committee Subpoena

Speaker Pelosi had a message for Kevin McCarthy and others who are complaining about unprecedented subpoenas. She said that the 1/6 attack was unprecedented.


Transcript of Pelosi on ABC’s This Week:

George Stephanopoulos.  Finally, Madam Speaker, the January 6th Committee, as you know, has voted to subpoena Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and several other Republican members of Congress.

I know you give the Committee wide berth right now, but if the – Leader McCarthy and the other Republicans continue to hold out, will the House vote to hold them in contempt?

Speaker Pelosi.  Well, the Committee will take this one step at a time.  But I’m very proud of the Committee.  They’re working in a very strong, bipartisan way to seek the truth, to find the truth of what happened with an assault.  People say to me, ‘Well, this is unprecedented.’

Yeah, well it’s unprecedented for the President of the United States to incite an insurrection on the Capitol, on the Congress, on the Constitution, in that manner.  And we must seek the truth.  And I’m proud of the work of the Committee.

Speaker Pelosi Had The Perfect Answer To The GOP Complaints

Speaker Pelosi was correct. The 1/6 attack was unprecedented. The 1/6 attack is not politics as usual and should be treated as such. The idea that  coup co-conspirators should be above subpoena because of some sort of precedent or because the House has never done that. 

The country has never had a president try to overthrow the government in a bid to stay in power after losing an election. In order to figure out what happened and prevent it from ever happening again, unprecedented steps must be taken.

Kevin McCarty isn’t trying to preserve institutional precedent. He is trying to save his own skin, and Speaker Pelosi called him out on it.

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